Friday, October 25, 2013

Amazing Facts About Pakistan

Since my birth I have found Pakistan is fighting on several fronts to get rid of poverty and failures but due to internal and external political conspiracies it is seemed a dream of a crazy person. I found Pakistan always stuck in wars with India and now it turned into a battle field for international forces in so called war against terror.  Being a proud Pakistani I know how much always try to find reasons of our failure and of Pakistan’s hidden potential which needs to be explored according to the people’s need and must share with all of my followers for knowledge.

In our world we have more than 200 countries. In these 200 countries, Pakistan which is 10 times lesser than Russia but have 3 times bigger water canal system than Russia. Pakistan is 2nd highest grower of peas in the world and at 4th in production of Apricots, Cotton and Sugar Cane. Pakistan’s standing in Onion and Milk production is on 5th position and standing on number six position for producing dates. Pakistani Mangoes are the best according to international organizations where Pakistan is maintaining 7th position. Pakistan is on number 8 in rice production in more than 200 countries list. Orange producing list is showing 9th position of Pakistan around the globe. Pakistan’s wheat production is more than whole Africa and equal to West America. Pakistan stands at 4th position in coal production and have 7th position in Copper reserves. In the last Pakistan is the 7th Atomic power in this more than 200 countries world.

I hope you will find this article about Pakistan very informative, useful and will feel proud being Pakistani.

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