Friday, August 16, 2013

Islamabad Shootout - Sikandar turns out to be security officer of Zardaris daughters

According to News Resources which are spreading in Islamabad right now Islamabad Shot out was maybe a totally planned and well staged drama. Here are the complete story which is published today in "TheNewsTribe" and details according to that News....

Lahore: It’s the first time in the history of Pakistan that a person along with his wife and children puts Islamabad on hostage.

Sikandar who earlier was not willing to let go his will until the demand of Shariah was fulfilled. The five hours shootout ended up the armed individual surrender after he was shot in leg and chest.
Zamurd Khan, leader of PPP became the hero as he didn’t care about his life, jumped on him and thus made easy the arrest of armed individual.
Sikandar not only exposed the foul security in Islamabad’s Blue Area but also got all the attention of the world he so dearly wanted.  Islamabad which was only famous for rallies and sit in by political personalities, Sikandar was the person who did it all by himself.
 The five hours hostage by Sikandar along with his family couldn’t have happened without proper plan. The police and other security agencies were looking helpless against the single individual.  What will the government do about the lapse of security that occurred during the lapse of security?
Sikandar’s father in law claimed him as insane. It was not possible for police to take action against the individual with his children surrounding him. But why no action was taken when Sikandar was a distance away from his family.
On the other hand, Sikandar claims that he had been security guard for President Zardari’s daughters. He also claimed that he is wearing suicide jacket and also emphasized on the demands for installing Shariah.
According to SSP, Sikandar said that he won’t surrender until women come back towards the culture of Hijab and Pardah. He also added that Sikandar warned not to shoot as he was wearing suicide jacket and if he is shot then police will be responsible.

Sikandar further said that he wanted Islamic systems back in the country because all the lovers of democracy are charged with corruption. The nation must rise to the occasion otherwise it would be too late.

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