Tuesday, June 18, 2013

US Negotiating with Taliban Today Why Not Pakistan?

According to Associated Press in a major breakthrough, US announced Tuesday that they will hold talks with Taliban to find a political solution to end nearly 12 years long war against terror (which I always called War for Terror). For this purpose Taliban has established their office in Qatar, which US is also supporting.

Taliban’s Office in Qatar is called, “First Step towards Peace” negotiations, what a pity act…………..On the other hand when Pakistan said, “We will hold Peace Talks with Taliban to bring peace and stability in Pakistan. US immediately put drone strike to sabotage that peace process which shows double standards for peace which Obama Administrations have right now. IF US HOLD PEACE TALK WITH TALIBAN THERE ACT IS LEGAL BUT WHEN PAKISTAN TRY TO DO THE SAME IT CALLED AN ACT AGAINST WAR OF TERROR.

I am not against peace process in which US feel without Taliban support they will be fail to come out alive from Afghanistan although mentally and morally they have been defeated by those people who have NO SUPPORT from anyone. Now US is trying to save their ass because in recent months Taliban has targeted Urban Centers and Government Installations very successfully which shows US and his 70 allies has even no control over cities. Taliban after opening office in Doha Qatar said, “Taliban are willing to use all legal means to end Occupation of Afghanistan. He also thanked Sheikh Hamad leader of Qatar for allowing to open office in his country.

US will hold its first formal meeting with Taliban within few days by focusing on an exchange of agenda and consultation for next steps to be taken.

Pakistan who is suffering more than anyone else in this War of Terror whenever tried to hold this kind of peace talks or negotiations US always went against the process by throwing Drone or setting Bomb Blast against Taliban but Government of Pakistan is very reluctant and keen to put our home in order so this effort will be continued in coming weeks so we can bring peace in our loving land once again which is vanish in last 2 decades due to US, “War of Terror”.

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