Thursday, August 5, 2010

AKSA - Doing Right Things in a Right Way

Today I was  visiting some IT Companies Offices in Islamabad for our newly constructed building for getting new Ideas of Interior environment with my Director General and Chief IT. So we went to the Software Technology Park which is located at Constitution Avenue, F-5, Islamabad.

During This visit we went to the office of AKSA Solutions Development Services, their office is on ground floor. My first impression was I came to an Art Gallery which is very well decorate and its an unique idea based interior conceived and designed by an professional Artist before construction.

The whole environment was full of professional approach, everyone was working with full devotion and I got an feeling of "they want to do something new something innovative and they are born for this sought of mentality. They are the people who are working silently but they are the major force who want to make Pakistan to be something big something which Pakistan deserve but did not achieved yet.

Chaudhary Waseem Fazal who is Managing Director of AKSA he is very young handsome and inteligent professional who love his work with full devotion. He gave us an introductory presentation regarding his ongoing projects and his new innovative products. I found him passionate towards his work and an huge knowledge about his field.

I want to share some features and vision of AKSA and some details about their products.

We are committed to create, develop and grow a profitable global business, by providing cost effective, innovative and value added services to our customers to automate their business.


AKSA's expertise cover a wide range of in-house capabilities like Software applications development, embedded systems programming, Hardware design and development to board level designing.

Our expertise is a result of a decade of versatile experience in providing these services. The value proposition that AKSA offers to its clients is made up of three elements: providing the most cost effective, the best in quality and the fastest solutions to the clients' information processing needs. 

You can find all exclusive information on their site regarding their work, products, expertise and  all exclusive details about their on going projects with National and International Companies by visiting their site

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